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"Namaste Sunshine" Tote Bag

"Namaste Sunshine" Tote Bag

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Introducing the "Namaste Sunshine" tote bag!

This beautiful tote bag features a colorful sun illustration that bursts with positivity, accompanied with the word "Namaste."

Namaste It's a Sanskrit word used as a greeting to say hello or goodbye, You are saying to the person "The divine in me honors the divine in you" or "I honor the light within you."


*** Details***

.:  100% polyester canvas

.:  Design printed on both sides
.:  3 different sizes to choose 
.:  3 color cotton handle options
.: 1  large storage compartment

.: boxed corners


The perfect bag for carrying your essentials, whether you're heading to a yoga class, the farmer's market, or a day out with friends.



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Our Tote Bags are perfect for running errands, carrying your journal or book while spreading positivity all over town.

Available in 3 different sizes....

Small- perfect for your daily essentials because who needs more than that?

Medium- for those days when you are feeling a little extra and need to have a bit more, like your secret stash of chocolates.

Large- Because sometimes you need to bring your entire life with you, and that's okay!

Why settle for boring when you can reuse in style?

.: Durable Material, easy to care for.

 .: 3 different color cotton handle options to choose from.

.: reinforced stitching

.: boxed corners for more support.

.: 1  large storage compartment

.:  Design printed on both sides