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"Fearless, Strong " Elephant Tote Bag

"Fearless, Strong " Elephant Tote Bag

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Introducing our "Fearless,  Strong " Elephant Tote Bag

This beautiful tote bag with its majestic elephant and the words "Fearless and Strong " is the perfect accessory to carry your daily essentials, groceries, laptop or books!

Elephants are amazing creatures symbolizing strength, wisdom, and loyalty.

In many cultures, an elephant with its trunk raised high is believed to shower blessings and good fortune, attracting positive energy and prosperity.


*** Details***

.:  100% polyester canvas

.:  Design printed on both sides
.:  3 different sizes to choose 
.:  3 color cotton handle options
.: 1  large storage compartment

.: boxed corners for reinforcement

: Easy to clean


Carry this tote bag with pride, knowing it embodies the strength and wisdom of the elephant. 



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Our Tote Bags are perfect for running errands, carrying your journal or book while spreading positivity all over town.

Available in 3 different sizes....

Small- perfect for your daily essentials because who needs more than that?

Medium- for those days when you are feeling a little extra and need to have a bit more, like your secret stash of chocolates.

Large- Because sometimes you need to bring your entire life with you, and that's okay!

Why settle for boring when you can reuse in style?

.: Durable Material, easy to care for.

 .: 3 different color cotton handle options to choose from.

.: reinforced stitching

.: boxed corners for more support.

.: 1  large storage compartment

.:  Design printed on both sides